Have You Connected the Dots Between Compliance and Your Security Framework?

Posted on March 09, 2021 in Security by Dirk Arends

Businesses and enterprises often fall into the bad habit of turning compliance into an annual task of checking boxes. Going through audits or filling out self-assessments is necessary to avoid paying[...]

3 Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery Trends That Will Make Life Easier in 2021

Posted on December 01, 2020 in Disaster Recovery, data protection plan, Security by Dirk Arends

The general rules of backing up your data aren’t complex. Make copies, keep them in different places, and ensure your process to use that copied data is relatively easy and fast. However, as[...]

Ransomware Continues to Target Small to Mid-Size Businesses

In 2016, The World Economic Forum warned that ransomware attacks on small to mid-size business were on the rise. New types of malware are introduced every day and according to the Department of[...]

3 Tips for Selecting a Backup and DR Service Provider

Are you wondering how to select the best backup and disaster recovery service provider for your business?

Backup and DR services: A Better Way to Evaluate Backup and DR Service Providers

When it comes to Veeam Cloud Connect and Replication services, your choice of a service provider matters.

QB in the Cloud: Is it HIPAA compliant?

Posted on June 07, 2016 in Desktops, HIPPA, QuickBooks, Security, Virtual Machines by Mike Wolthuis

There are several vendors to choose from when selecting to host your QuickBooks application in the cloud.

Press Release: Virtual Systems Makes Sizeable Investment in Indianapolis Market and Receives Accolades From Major Technology Companies

Press Release May 17, 2016

Press Release: Virtual Systems Launches Unique Data System to Real Estate Market

Press Release May 5, 2016

Tips to Aid in Your Search for a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage Provider

Finding a HIPAA Compliant cloud storage provider is no small task. There are many storage providers that claim to be HIPAA Compliant, but what exactly does that mean and what should you look for when[...]