Press Release: Virtual Systems Makes Sizeable Investment in Indianapolis Market and Receives Accolades From Major Technology Companies

Press Release
May 17, 2016


Virtual Systems impresses Sport Graphics and Brightworks Group with IT expertise and unparalleled customer servicing.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 17, 2016 – Virtual Systems (VSystems,, a Byron Center, Mich.-based technology company, has recently made a sizeable investment in hosting infrastructure in Indianapolis. The company has since launched a customized, secure cloud- based data center for Sport Graphics and the company’s managed service provider, The Brightworks Group (Brightworks).

The two partnered companies were in the market for outsourcing their IT infrastructure for greater scalability and reliability when they discovered VSystems’ unique model with below- market pricing.

“We have recently committed to growing our business and servicing the Indianapolis market by expanding our hosting capabilities. Working with Sport Graphics and Brightworks to provide the custom hosting needs that Sport Graphics required and that Brightworks needed to service them as their managed services provider was a great starting point in this new market,” said Rob Thurston, director of business development at VSystems. “They were impressed by our ability to tailor our services to their needs as well as the helping-hand customer service we pride our company on. Overall, it has been a very successful project and we look forward to servicing many more Indianapolis-based clients in the future.”

Sport Graphics and Brightworks were pleased with the service VSystems provided while transitioning them from their onsite infrastructure to VSystems’ Indianapolis data center.

“In this business, you find a lot of providers who are either over-the-top controlling and give very little access to the technical resources necessary to serve customers quickly or, on the other extreme – they come in, they set it up, and then they leave you to figure out the inevitable stumbling blocks that come with hosting a new system,” said Doug Miller, CEO at Brightworks Group. “VSystems has found a way to perfectly balance these two extremes. They allow us full access to the virtualized platform while still fully supporting us along the way with their engineering team.”

The hosting solution VSystems created for the Indianapolis-based partnership was customized to fit the specific high-demands and high-security needs, as well as the highly available and redundant infrastructure and network, which are required in their multifaceted line of work.

“VSystems really changed our perception about hosting companies,” said Brian Johnsen, director of information technology at Sport Graphics. “We thought, ‘here comes an out-of-town company that is going to give us the same, average service as any other company, and then leave when things start falling apart.’ We couldn’t have been more wrong, and we couldn’t be happier with the value they have brought to our work. It is expected that any new technology will be an improvement from the previous, but what isn’t expected is the hands-on approach that VSystems provides. Their customer service has exceeded any and all expectations.”


About Sport Graphics: Sport Graphics was founded in Indianapolis in 1986 by Frank and Linda Hancock. It is a multifaceted company offering branding, production, installation, and distribution to a wide variety of clients inside and outside of the sports industry. Every aspect of project planning, creative development, production, installation, and teardown is literally housed under one roof. More importantly, every facet of Sport Graphics' operation is marked by the highest standards of quality and client-centric thinking.


About The Brightworks Group LLC: The Brightworks Group LLC is an Information Technology Managed Services Provider (MSP) and system integrator founded in Indianapolis in 2012 by Doug Miller. The Brightworks Group specializes in providing managed IT services to small and mid-sized companies that employ knowledge workers and creatives. Specific industry verticals include financial services and others in regulated industries. Brightworks emphasizes a high- touch, "human-centric" approach to managed services that is unique in an industry that is notoriously technology-centric.


About Virtual Systems: Virtual Systems provides cloud-enabling solutions for businesses of all sizes. Through its virtual desktop, virtual private server and Internet connectivity solutions, organizations can deliver advanced computing performance without putting their corporate data and applications at risk. A privately held company, Virtual Systems is located in Byron Center, Mich.