Backup and DR services: A Better Way to Evaluate Backup and DR Service Providers

When it comes to Veeam Cloud Connect and Replication services, your choice of a service provider matters.

All Veeam service providers offer a single infrastructure, end-to-end encryption and pay-as-you go offerings.


The difference is in the details.

Use this handy checklist to evaluate your current or prospective backup and DR service providers.

Smart Strategy #1: Evaluate the Partner Level

What It Means: Higher levels of partnership demonstrate two things: a deeper commitment to the technology, and a greater number of trained and certified engineers. That’s more people working on your behalf to deliver the best possible backup and replication solutions.

Smart Strategy #2: Compare Levels of Compliance

What It Means: If you have confidential and proprietary data stored in the cloud, then you need data center partners that carry complex certifications. These higher-level certifications validate the service provider's security measures, availability, confidentiality, and privacy practices.

Smart Strategy #3: Compare Pricing

What It Means: Many service providers are coy about their pricing, because they don’t want you to be able to comparison shop.


4 Ways to Learn More

  1. Before you pay too much for too little, call Virtual Systems today for a free backup and DR audit.
  2. Let us work to your busy schedule. Email a few 15-30 minute windows of your availability and we’ll match you up with one of our backup and DR experts to answer any questions.
  3. Learn more online at V Systems Veeam Cloud Connect.
  4. Request a free 30-day trial and test drive V Systems backup and DR services for yourself.