Virtual Systems Remote Office: Branch in a Box

Posted on March 05, 2015 in Branch in a Box, Remote Office by Mike Wolthuis

Speed Remote Office Openings with Virtual Systems Branch in a Box

If your business needs connected technology to empower employees at remote branch offices – but doesn't need full-time IT staff on site – Virtual Systems offers a Branch in a Box solution.

With a Branch in a Box, Virtual Systems can manage the complete setup and deployment of VoIP phones, thin client devices, remote printers, cabling and infrastructure. Everything is setup and installed at VSystems' Grand Rapids location, then shipped to your branch office. Ready to plug-and-play.

With a Branch in a Box, everything is running in the cloud, so employees don’t have to worry about backup and executives don’t have to worry about security administration.

Branch in a Box: Case Study

A current Virtual Systems customer needed to open a new location to house four employees, with enough room to grow to 15 remote team members. Moreover, they planned to open up to ten additional branches in the next twelve months.

Virtual Systems designed an entire Virtual ecosystem. The entire setup was configured in Virtual Systems' clean lab space and implemented on a test Internet connection to confirm readiness for deployment.

Each employee received:

  • Virtual Systems FreedomView Virtual Desktop
  • Polycom VoIP phone
  • Dell WYSE thin client
  • VSystems Virtual Desktop connection back to the corporate server environment (located in Virtual Systems’ datacenters).

Virtual Systems also implemented:

  • Secure SSL firewall and tunnels
  • Ethernet switching, wiring punch downs
  • UPS into a single secured wall mount rack.

The customer also added Virtual Systems cloud-managed WiFi to setup a secure employee network and also a guest network to be used by customers.

Chief Technology Officer Michael Wolthuis said, “We made the VSystems Branch in a Box delivery so easy the customer only needed one hour of an electrician’s time to complete the turn-up of their branch office”.

Make VSystems Branch in a Box Work for You

Virtual Systems is in the process of building many more Branch in a Box facilities for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can make technology easy to deploy for you!