Virtual Desktops Give Employees and Employers Flexibility

Posted on November 03, 2014 in Virtual Desktops by Chris Paufler

One of the primary motivators that bring people to a virtual desktop is the freedom to take it anywhere. Virtual Systems’ virtual desktop solution is available on multiple platforms and devices through the VMware Horizon View client. It is accessible on most cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Work from Anywhere

Being able to access your desktop from anywhere adds a huge amount of productivity to an employee that travels. Whether at a hotel, sitting at a coffee shop or at home, you have access to your personal desktop along with all of your programs and documents. There is no longer any fiddling with a VPN client or trying to copy files over an Internet connection. Simply log in to your desktop and you are on your network with access to everything you need.

Work from Any Device

The VMware Horizon Client is available on multiple operating systems. This is the perfect solution for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) type of environment. Having multiple employees means that there will be multiple device preferences. With our VSystems Virtual Desktop solution each user can use whichever device they prefer. They get the same desktop with all the programs needed. The VMware Horizon Client is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even HTML5. This allows almost every mainstream device to connect to a virtual desktop.

Keep Company Data Secure

There is also an added level of security with a Virtual Desktop. There is no need to worry about losing company data or private information if a device is stolen or lost. Since everything is done on the virtual desktop, or in the cloud, all data is stored safely in the datacenter with no information on the device. It also means that your data is readily accessible from any device. Did you forget to send that word document at the office? Maybe you need to update that spreadsheet before the end of the month. Well now you can use almost any device including a standard HTML5 browser to quickly access your desktop and do what you need.

With VDI, Multiple Employees Can Share the Same Device

With virtual desktops you also have the ability to have multiple employees using the same device. Each user is able to login and gain access to their own personal desktop and applications all from the same device. This is extremely handy for companies that have employees that share desks with different hours. Any devices on the desk are completely user-independent. Once a user enters a username and password it becomes theirs entirely. VDI allows flexibility in many different aspects. If BYOD, multi-tenant desks, or mobile employees are something your business relies on then the flexibility of a Virtual Desktop is certain something you should consider.